Siemly Organization Management Platform (OMP) Features Overview

Realize instant value with customized templates and work-flows to get you started quickly.  Easily build and maintain regulatory compliance programs. Automate threat detection alerts and quickly mobilize internal and external incident response teams.  Access policies, procedures, training and tasks in one centralized location.  Centralize all of your internal and external security applications. Demonstrate to auditors, regulators and clients a strong commitment to security.


Get compliant

Companies that collect or process data from citizens in European Union (EU) countries are required to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data.  


track vendors

Organizations that rely heavily on vendors but don’t have sufficient visibility into their vendor networks are exposing themselves to high risks. 


be prepared

It's not a matter of if but rather a matter of when a cyber-attack or data breach will occur.  These events occur daily ensuing devastating effects to your organization.


internal & external teams

Successful project management often times requires participation from numerous levels of an organization.  Effective communication, planning, goal setting, strategy and implementation across the organization are all key elements of a successful project.  


feature rich & easy to use

Customers are the single most valuable asset of any business.  Just as important as it is to management your internal initiatives effectively, managing and growing your external customer relationship base is essential for the sustained growth and success of an organization. 


automate communication

Employee onboarding sequence and ongoing human resources (HR) compliance requirements can be cumbersome to manage.  The SIEMLY management platform can help simplify and streamline these processes as well as organize the accompanying employee paperwork and files.