Siemly Organization Management Platform (OMP)

Siemly allows legal teams to easily manage every aspect of their legal projects in a simple and easy to use centralized platform. Unlike other project management platforms, Siemly integrates the features that legal teams need and eliminates the need for multiple systems to manage their projects. Simplify and automate litigation processes, save time, save money and reduce risk.

Customized workflows | integrate with legal platforms | made by and for legal teams

Case Management

Get connected

Siemly is your centralized repository for all communication, tasks, documents, events and notifications for your case. Stay connected to your eDiscovery projects with realtime metrics, notifications and reminders. Collaborate easily and securely with internal and external users such as outside counsel, co-counsel, litigation support consultants and clients. Easily submit and track litigation support requests including collection, processing and hosting requests with automated real-time status updates. Store and maintain important case related documentation.

  • Issue and manage legal holds

  • Check conflicts

  • Set and monitor case scheduling with integrated calendaring

  • Reduce over-collection by tracking what has been collected and when

  • Record and maintain media tracking

  • Integrate with document review platforms

  • Build and manage document review teams

  • Run real-time project status reporting


Get compliant

The Siemly OMP can track all customer "opt-ins" and requests and apply automated workflows to respond and track customer interactions.  Ensure your compliance with regulations and  demonstrate to auditors, regulators, and your customers, a strong commitment to data privacy, compliance and security with the Siemly OMP.

  • Manage data subject requests

  • Oversee vendor risk management

  • Implement regulatory reporting

  • Maintain policies and procedures

Vendor Management

track vendors

Organizations that rely heavily on vendors but don’t have sufficient visibility into their vendor networks are exposing themselves to high risks. Understanding vendor risks and managing them effectively are essential to maintaining sustainable businesses and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Track vendor compliance

  • Monitor non-compliance alerts

  • Automate periodic recertifications

  • Automate and manage on-boarding

Breach Notification

be prepared

Shortening the response time to an event can mean the difference between an incident and a serious breach.  Our central communication hub enables all relevant stakeholders to be quickly notified for a coordinated response to cyber events to prevent and limit loss.

  • Report incidents

  • Send breach notifications

  • Establish protocols

  • Provide secure off-band communication

  • Automatic alerting

Project Management

internal & external teams

Successful project management often times requires participation from numerous levels of an organization with custom workflows.  Effective communication, planning, goal setting, strategy and implementation across the organization are all key elements of a successful project.  

  • Customize workflows

  • Create and assign tasks

  • Set due dates and reminders

  • Track progress


feature rich & easy to use

Customers are the single most valuable asset of any business.  Just as important as it is to manage your internal initiatives effectively, managing and growing your external customer relationship base is essential for the sustained growth and success of an organization. 

  • Create opportunities

  • Create and manage orders

  • Communicate with team members

  • Organize contact management

Human Resources

automate communication

Employee on-boarding sequence and ongoing human resources (HR) compliance requirements can be cumbersome to manage.  Our platform can simplify and streamline these processes.

  • Submit applications directly to the platform

  • Track and manage applicants

  • Schedule interviews

  • On-board and off-board employees