Human Resources

Automate and track all HR tasks

An organization’s employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes and ongoing human resources (HR) compliance requirements can be cumbersome to manage.  The Siemly OMP can automate your hiring process, employee on-boarding and off-boarding as well as organize the accompanying documentation.  Your HR team will work more effectively, your employees will thank you for quickly setting them up for success and your company will be well on its way to achieving ongoing HR compliance.



Manage your hiring process more effectively with the Siemly OMP. Siemly provides its users with the tools to automate the application process from end-to-end. Applications can be submitted directly into the Siemly OMP so that the appropriate teams will be alerted when a new application is submitted and can collaborate on the hiring process in one centralized platform. The Siemly OMP also allows you to manage any personal information submitted by the applicant in order to maintain data privacy and regulatory compliance.



The Siemly OMP provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to integrating a new employee within a company and its culture while providing the new employee the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team as quickly as possible. HR teams can distribute company policies and procedures, assign training, allocate on-boarding tasks to the employee and track their progress, turning new hires into seasoned employees quickly. The Siemly OMP also demonstrates regulatory compliance by maintaining an audit trail of all on-boarding efforts.



HR teams know how complicated it can be when an employee leaves their company. Many tasks need to be executed, by many teams, across the organization to ensure that they are maintaining data security and privacy as well as regulatory compliance. Exit interviews and feedback need to be scheduled and tracked, paperwork needs to be filed, IT needs to remove access to all systems, the data the employee created needs to be collected and either preserved or destroyed depending on internal retention policies, to name but a few of these tasks. The Siemly OMP can automate these tasks, alert the appropriate teams and track the progress of these tasks making employee off-boarding streamlined, automated and audit-able.