Data Privacy Module


The Siemly OMP can track all customer "opt-ins" and requests and apply automated workflows to respond and track customer interactions. The Siemly OMP makes it easy to respond to  Article 30 and data subject requests. Ensure your compliance with regulations and  demonstrate to auditors, regulators, and your customers, a strong commitment to data privacy, compliance and security with the Siemly OMP.

  • Data Subject Requests (DSR)

  • Automated identity verification to ensure that the data subject is indeed who they say they are

  • Built in safeguards to ensure that no information is given to the data subject before their identity has been verified and the request has gone through the specified approval process

  • Automated task allocation and reminders to ensure that all requests are responded to within the allotted 30 day time period

  • End-to-end audit-ability to easily respond to regulatory requests

  • Vendor Risk Management

  • Data Processing Addendums (DPA)

  • Regulatory Requests

  • Breach Reporting and Response

  • Policies and Procedures

Matter Management Module

Siemly is your centralized repository for all communication, tasks, documents, events and notifications for your case. Our software allows legal teams to easily manage every aspect of their legal projects in a simple and easy to use centralized platform. Unlike other project management platforms, Siemly integrates the features that legal teams need and eliminates the need for multiple systems to manage their projects. Simplify and automate litigation processes, save time, save money and reduce risk.

  • Issue and manage legal holds

  • Check conflicts

  • Set and monitor case scheduling with integrated calendaring

  • Reduce over-collection by tracking what has been collected and when

  • Record and maintain media tracking

  • Integrate with document review platforms

  • Build and manage document review teams

  • Run real-time project status reporting