The Siemly OMP can track all customer "opt-ins" and requests and apply automated workflows to respond and track customer interactions. The Siemly OMP makes it easy to respond to  Article 30 and data subject requests. Ensure your compliance with regulations and  demonstrate to auditors, regulators, and your customers, a strong commitment to data privacy, compliance and security with the Siemly OMP.


Data Subject Requests (DSR)

The Siemly OMP solves a corporations data subject request pain by providing an automated end-to-end solution for customers to submit DSRs and for corporation's to track and respond. The Siemly OMP offers the following DSR features;

  • Automated identity verification to ensure that the data subject is indeed who they say they are

  • Built in safeguards to ensure that no information is given to the data subject before their identity has been verified and the request has gone through the specified approval process

  • Automated task allocation and reminders to ensure that all requests are responded to within the allotted 30 day time period

  • End-to-end auditability to easily respond to regulatory requests

Vendor Risk Management

Organizations that rely heavily on vendors but don’t have sufficient visibility into their vendor networks are exposing themselves to high risks. Understanding vendor risks and managing them effectively are essential to maintaining sustainable businesses and ensuring regulatory compliance. Having a strong Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program helps companies anticipate inherent risks rather than simply reacting to adverse situations and incidents after they occur.  Monitoring vendor performance on an ongoing basis utilizing the Siemly OMP enables organizations to be continually aware of a vendor’s capability to comply with contractual and regulatory obligations.


Data Processing Addendums (DPA)

DPAs now must be included in most contracts but can be tedious to track and customize. The Siemly OMP automates your contract process to save time and reduce risk.  


Regulatory Requests

The Siemly OMP enables companies to easily respond to regulatory requests by tracking all actions within the platform. This demonstrates to regulators that the company has employed reasonable efforts to maintain compliance. Auditors may be granted access to a particular request or incident as needed in a secure manner, eliminating the burden on corporate teams to gather the data and therefore saving time and money.


Breach Reporting and Response

These events occur daily ensuing devastating effects to your organization and interests.  It is critical to act quickly to mitigate any potential damage.  We are here to respond to your cyber-attack or data breach and guide you through the recovery process.


Policies and Procedures

Easily collaborate on GDPR policies and procedures with teams across your organization and track employee adoption and acknowledgements. Siemly also offers policy templates for GDPR to get you started and GDPR experts to assist you if needed.