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CyberAssist provides a solid foundation or enhances an existing cyber security program for your organization and is built upon proven Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure that offers world-class security and availability. Law firms and their corporate clients can get up and running with CyberAssist quickly — the time to value is days not months. CyberAssist is a single-instance multi-tenant software. Platform updates are automatic, which free up IT and other valuable resources. Legal and Compliance teams can focus on developing policies, procedures, and training to ensure compliance and reduce potential liability.

Reduce Risk, Cost and Response Time by Centralizing Cyber Security Event Management


Cyber security is complex. Multiple people and systems can be involved. Using CyberAssist as your single unified cyber security and compliance management platform makes it easier and more efficient for relevant stakeholders to be automatically notified of an event, manage breaches, communicate securely, assess impact and implement corrective measures – thereby quickly mitigating further

potential damage. Risk is further mitigated because both in-house and outside counsel can promptly take action and oversee the response. CyberAssist can also provide outside counsel with unique insight into their clients’ cyber security initiatives while providing opportunities for ongoing consultation to continuously meet clients’ needs.

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Low Security

Disaster Recovery

Data Security Breach


Weak or stolen credentials account for 76% of network intrusions, and over 50% use some form of hacking.

Over 1/4 or small businesses that do not have a recovery plan in place will not re-open after a disaster.

The United States accounts for almost 50% of the world’s data security breaches, followed by the UK at 8% and India at 3%.

If you are using the internet there is almost a 100% chance that you are vulnerable to some kind of an intrusion or loss.

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